InDepth Studies With Mamma Lori
Y The SheepShed

Y Prophecy
Y The New World Order

Y "As for the ten horns, out of this
Kingdom ten kings will arise."

Lesson One
Part One
Satan's Strategy
for the
New World Order
Saints of the Body of Christ, this must be our "prayer" every moment of the day,
"Lord, bend that proud and stiffnecked I,            help me to bow my neck and die."
"It is no more I that lives, but Christ in me . . .
He does the living, He does the works."
We must learn to live by the power of the Holy Spirit of God alone . . . by every word that proceeds out
of the mouth of God. We must learn to prophesy His words. "The word of the LORD came unto me,
saying . . ." The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of prophecy! We cannot now nor ever live by bread alone .
. . but by every word that comes out of the very mouth of God Jehovah!  More than ever before we
must be able to "hear what the Spirit is saying to the individual saint" and walk in it . . . not turning to
the left nor to the right. Paganism has already begun invading the 'Christian Music' scene. Some of our
young people live the music that they 'hear,' and it is not the lyrics but the music. Church, how far we
have fallen from the Apostles teachings and doctrines, just as they predicted it! The Lord Jesus told us
we would be able to SEE the signs of the end and His coming . . . so that that Day should not take us
unaware as it will take those who are not of His Kingdom. For the saint,  we are to be blameless,
looking for His appearing.

Y The Kingdom of Heaven is not any of the Ten

Y 2

Kingdoms on the map. And, Israel is not included, in God's eyes, either. Satan has a 'New World
Order' and the LORD Jesus has a 'New World Order.' I have been teaching you of God's strategies,
but, we must also know the Enemy's strategy as well. Any military man will tell you that.
We are in for the fight of our life . . . so don't under estimate the power of Satan! Remember this, 'God
never expected His people to live by any power but His!' Jesus tells us that, "Lukewarm believers will
He spew out of His mouth."

Y Daniel: "The feet you saw, part eartherware, part iron, are a 'Kingdom' which will be split into, but
which will retain something of the strength of iron, just as you saw the iron and the earthenware
[clay] mixed together. The feet were part of iron, part of potter's clay: The 'Kingdom' will be partly
strong and partly brittle."
Dan 2:41-43.

What we need to see is eventhough there are "ten kingdoms" they are addressed as "one"
Kingdom. Since all truth is parallel, Christ's Kingdom is One and He will not mix a substance of
'darkness' into it that would not allow it to adhere and be brittle! His is a solid "Stone," untouched by
human hands. This Stone grew into a great Mountian [Nation or Kingdom, full of living stones like unto
Himself], and it shatters and absorbs       all previous kingdoms. It supplants all the Gentile kingdoms.
Is 2:2 seq.

"The time of waiting is over; at the time when the seventh Angel is heard sounding His trumpet, the
Mystery of God will be fulfilled, just as anounced in the Gospel to His servants the prophets. After the
two witnesses have finished their prophesying . . . the seventh Angel is found blowing his horn and we
hear the voices shouting in heaven, "The Kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord
and His Christ." The Mystery of God, I believe, which will be fulfilled, is that the "Kingdoms of Satan"
will all fall [come under the dominion of] into the "Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ." I must ask,
'who is our Lord,' referring to, Jesus?' Then who is His Christ or Anointed? Since Christ means
Anointed One, and we are His Anointed One by the Holy Spirit; are we not the fulfilment of Psalm's
Two? Well, this is something for us to ask our Father about. God's strategy is for us to completely live
suited in His 'Armor.' so let us put it on.
Rev 10:7; 11:1-19.

Y Satan's Strategy: Your Banks, Savings and Loans, Money Accounts, Insurance, IRAS, Pension
Plans and Social Security will be confiscated.

Satan will locate every phase of your life and hit you there. He is ruthless . . . these are the weapons of
his warfare. As he said to God regarding Job, "Yea, skin for skin, allow me to touch him where it hurts .
. . if I can't get him through his children nor his possessions to curse You, he will if I can touch his body;
'yea, skin for skin'." Satan will use all these stategies!
Job 1 & 2.
Y This is the Rothschild Manifesto
[it is in effect even now]

1)  LAW is FORCE in disguise - USE LAW.
2)  Political freedom is an IDEA, not a FACT.
3)  Use "LIBERALISM" to obtain control via                 "gradualism".
4)  Governments are to be destoyed by either
EXTERNAL (WAR) or INTERNAL (Liberalism and
corruption) means.
5)  The end always justifies the means.

Y 3

6)  We must get control over all government

7)  FORCE & MIGHT= RIGHT, there are no             absolute moral or ethical codes.


9)  We will become SUPREME LORDS over all

10) The power of money must remain hidden and
secret until we are in such a position of
power that no one can stop our plans.

11)  We must use alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography,       all vice, and all moral corruption to destroy         

PROPERTY by whatever means if it brings
the people under our control.

13) We will use the terms "LIBERTY", "EQUALITY",
and "FRATERNITY" which will set up a

14) The qualifications for this ARISTOCRACY
will be WEALTH, which we will control.

SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER IN DEBT.

16) Candidates for public office will be selected
and groomed, servile and obedient.

18) Financial PANICS and controlled                        DEPRESSIONS will bring about a
Children of God, here we have Satan's strategic air command. This ruling force is first taking place in
the "Heavenlies" where it is controlling "Princes of kingdoms, rulers of darkness and wicked spirits,"
His "PLAN". . . to get us under his "CONTROL," through Government and Religion. It is a World
Wide plan . . . not just for the land of National Israel! It is the carnal mind of the believer which keeps
us from believing such things are happening right now! The Church is too interrested in
"Entertainment." Here is a brief outline of history to help us understand. Please, Saints, God's
predictions have been written down long ago for us . . . so that we should walk in the light of them by
the Spirit. Remember, "We and our Kingdom are not of this world."

Y Meaning of: 1) Autocracy, Government by a single person having unlimited power. 2) Law, The body
of rules & principles governing the affairs of, it is the LAW. 3) Military Dictatorship, An absolute rule
by military force. 4) Democracy, Government by the people, exercised either or through elected
representatives. 5) Republicanism. A Political order, a nation not headed by a monarch . . . but by a

Daniel 7:9 seq. "I beheld till thrones were cast down." What did Daniel behold as he watched the ages
unfold before him? He saw the scepter pass from one Nation to another, until almost all the Chief races
of men had had a chance to try their hand at World Dominion.
Look now at the FALLING THRONES.
Babylon: Todays Iraq, Tried unlimited                    autocracy and failed. Aurocracy-Government          
in which one person posses unlimited                 power.
Persia: Todays Iran, Tried limited Autocracy.
 The King to make the Law but could not
 change it. The Law once made was greater

Y 4

 than the King.
Greece: Tried Military Dictatorship.
Rome: Tried all experiments, from
 Democracy to unlimited Autocracy,
 including Repulicanism, Bureaucracy and
 limited Monarchy. Rome fell in the seventh
 century A.D.
Then arose: In Europe, Papal Power; and the
 Empires of Charlemagne, Phillip of Spain,
 Napoleon of France, the Hapsburgs of                 Austria and the Hohenzollerns of Germany.
In Asia: Mohammedan Power; and the Empires
 of the Arabs, the Mogul, The Manchu and
The United Kingdom, Great Britain consisting
 of England,Wales, Scotland and Northern
 Ireland now, who have also weakened, are all . .  A 'Combination,'  Religious and Secular, and is
named "Mystery Babylon The Great." She is Religious and Commercial! [I, personally, see this in the
Christian Church in America]! The Book of Revelation, chapter seventeen, gives us a pre-written
account of her Moral and Economic collapse.

All Nations have been given the opportunity to try their hand at world rule, and all alike have failed, as
all must fail but Christ's Kingdom! We are now entering into the fulfilment of the comlpetion of
the "Times of the Gentiles." This is the last phase of Gentile rule. This is Satan's last thrust to win his
Lk 21; Ro 9-11.

The Great Empires are gone. Yet America is the greatest Kingdom the world has ever seen. One after
the other Thrones have been cast down.
However, God has predicted a Beast to rise out of the sea [the sea of people] that will resemble the
Babylonian lion, the Medo-Persian bear and the body of the Greecian leopard.      
Rev 13; Dan 7.     
Y The Shape of Things
to Come
Here are some quotes from Norman N Franz, Economist, spokesman on the New Political World
Order. As this fragmented World's financial system races toward Global economic collapse, we see the
well laid plans of financial insiders like the Mellons, the Warburgs, the Roclerfellers and the
Rothchilds coming to pass. In fact, the eighteenth plank of the Rothchild manifesto reveals their plans
in which "Financial Panics and Controlled Depressions will bring about a New World Order."

What most people don't realize is that when the World's financial system collapses, so will the World's
Governments, including the United States. This just happened a few years ago in the Soviet Union.
Then we will find civil uprising and anarchy will ensue, and those that controll the military will declare
themselves supreme ruler and implement 'Martial Law'. Then, after months of heart wrenching death
and destruction, a cry from Globalist Groups will go out for the U.N. leaders to form a
One-World-Government that will restore law and order. This will be the birth of a New World Political

Y New World Constitution
The fist thing the New Political Order will have to do is adopt a New Constitution for the World, so that
it can "legally force its will upon the people."
1) Law is Force in disguise - Use Law.
In preparation for this event, Insider created groups such as The World Federation Association,
World Citizen Assembly, World Constitution and Parliament Association and The American for World  
Government have already written their versions of a World Constitution. Each parallels the others, as
well as that of the U.N. Charter which former President Bush called "A Living, Breathing

Y 5

Document." Mr Bush simply identified The New World Order's Satanic substitute for God's Living
Word, the Bible.
Heb 4:12

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth (CFE), written by The World Constitution and Parliament
Association (WCPA), best captures the essences of what The New Political Order will look like. The
CFE grants specific powers to The New World Government to disarm the general public and create a
World Police Force to take control of all Food Stores, Transportation, Communication, Energy, and
Postal Services. It will be empowered to define New National Boundries, implement means to control
population growth in relation to the life-support capacities of the Earth and supervise population
distribution. This means they plan to level everybody out and make them equal...equally poor.

Y New National Boundaries
for U.S.
The CFE establishes The World Boundaries and Election Administration which plans to divide the
World into Ten Magna-Regions, (See Map). Ten Commissioners will rule The Ten-Magna Regions,
and are most likely The Ten Horns (Kings) of the Beast in Daniel.
Dan 7:23-24; Rev 13:1; 17:3,7.

Plans to divide up the World were confirmed in an August 30, 1992 article in the Denver Post on page
19-A. The Article said, "The scope of coming changes in the World's frontiers will be among the most
profound in history, and the pace may set a record." William Wood, the States Department
Geographer, was quoted as saying, "What we are dealing with is the 'Recreation of Countries',"

The Article goes on to say that, "The notion of Boundaries as we've known them, in terms of absolute
sovereignty and legalities, will in time dwindle...a stratified system of Governance and Power is likely
to replace Traditional States. At the top will be a stronger United Nations...responsibility for peace,
environment and other Global issues." They're talking about a One World Government under U.N.

A disturbing thing about the Article is that it pictures a Map entitled "A New North America" in which
the Boundaries of the U.S., Canada and Mexico were divided into six Countries instead of three.
Daniel 7:25 says that the Coming World Ruler "will seek to change times and laws," and that the
'New' World Government (last one) "will devour the whole earth and tread it down and crush it."
Dan 7:23.

Precious Saints, most of us and the people of the World have no concept of what is about to befall us
and them. It is time for Christian 'Leaders' to stop feeding young converts on 'entertainment' and
stupid videos! Lay the foundation and the first principals, yes, but then, they must go on to know the
LORD Jesus. They and we must be willing to 'forsake' all. Even our life! We are producing
'whimps'...for the Kingdom instead of soldiers of 'obedience.' I am trying to place into your hands
information and articles that all of us cannot afford to buy. It's later than you think! We aren't prepared
materially...but especially are we not "Spiritually."

Y New World Finacial
The major key to Worldwide Political Control will be to create a Closed Financial and Monetary
System that will besiege the Whole World. The CFE creates The World Financial Administratin that
will be empowered to "establish and operate a

Y 6

Planetary Banking System, making transition to a common Global currency (called Earth Dollars)...
to establish and implement the procedures of a Planetary Monetary and Credit System..." And, "to
establish and operate the procedures for the collection of revenues (taxes) for the World
Government..." This is significant because they plan to enforce their new brand of law. I heard on the
News some weeks ago the U.N. was already trying to place into law...making the people pay a 'World

These plans are, "Non-Military means of enforcement which can be developed...and may include:
Denial of financial credit; denial of material resources and personnel; revocation of licenses, charters,
or corporate rights; impounding of equipment; fines...and other means appropriate to the specific
situations." This will empower those in control to force everyone into accepting their New World
Order. Our God has written beforehand so that we can prepare ourselves...
"You cannot buy or sell without the mark on the right hand or in the forehead." This is for humanity
'small and great.'
Rev 13:16.

I know the Spirit of LORD is urging we Christians to pass on through the Veil and clothe ourselves
with the Glory of His Kingdom, the Righteousness of it. We must depend on our own inheritant Power
and Glory which is our reasonable calling. Seek thoses things which are above...where Christ sits
having all power and authority!

Yahweh God says, "It is not by  might nor by power (any kind of this World) but by My Spirit."
Therefore we will have to live by our own inheritant power which is Gods!

Y Not I But Christ
Lord, bend that proud and stiffnecked
 'I', Help me to bow my neck and die.
Beholding You on Calvary.
 Who bowed Your head for me.
Daniel said, " I watched until the thrones were cast down!" What was the next thing Daniel saw after
the thrones were cast down? "I saw in the night visions, and behold, one like the Son of Man came with
the clouds of Heaven [Glory Clouds] and came to the Ancient of Days, they brought  Him near before
Him. And there was given Him dominion, and glory, and a Kingdom, that all people, nations, and
languages, should serve Him: His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not 'be destroyed'. .
. I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them." Notice, that when
the Son of Man was given Dominion it involved the saints in war.
The Lord said to Israel, "You are My battle axe and weapons of war: For with you I will break in
pieces the Nations, and with you I will destroy Kingdoms."
Jer 51:19-20.

We have learned that the Lord took away the Kingdom from Israel and gave it to a people who would
bear the fruit of His Kingdom of righteousness. The apostle Paul unveils to us that we who are born
again into His Kingdom are the Israel of God . . . the Seed of Abraham, with Jew and Gentile alike
being formed into the image of
the Son of God. God is bringing many "sons" into glory, that also means, into "Sonship."  When you
were a 'child' you were even then a son! However, God could not allow you to rule in His Kingdom . .
because you had not grown into maturity to be 'trusted' with ruling in the position of a 'Son'.

"Those who are led by the Spirit . . . they are the sons of God." Gal 3:23-29-4:7; Ro 8:12-17; 1 Co
13:11 seq.  

Y 7

Satanic agents have lined up the Powers of evil in a most deceivable attempt to overthrow the Kingdom
of Christ. This struggle of warfare is to determine whether Satan or Christ shall have Dominion in the
Earth; and, whether we like it or not, it will continue until the complete victory is won. The Lord Jesus
Christ is the Scepter of God! He is the Scepter of Righteousness! The war of Satan against the Sons of
God, the Saints, prevailed until  "The Ancient of Days came, and judgement was given to the saints of
the Most High; and the time came when The Saints possessed [inherited] the Kingdom."

The Lord prophesied,
"Why this uproar among the Nations,
This muttering of the people?
Kings of the Earth take up position, and
Princes plot together against Yahweh and
His Anointed, 'Now let us break their fetters!
Now let us throw off their bonds [chains]!'
He who sits in the Heavens laughs!"
Psalm 2; Acts 4:25-28.
"Ask Me and I will give You the Nations as Your
inheritance . . . [birthright], The whole wide  
world as Your possession."
Psalm 2:8.

Y "O God Most High, The trumpets blowing;
Among the Lands, the Winds, above the Seas;
The seasons here and all the grains are golden;
It's time for You to come, and me to see."

YY "When You return the Harvest will have ripened; The fields all white, the ear of corn is full'
And I'll be here . . . clothed in all Your Splendor;
To be revealed, revealed as You appear!

Y SheepShed

Y 8

The SheepShed

The New Political Order

Y #1 One World Government
Lesson One
Part Two

"Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them
'food' in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing." Be
faithful & responsible in his/her service ... in giving the right food in the 'season' wherein it is ready for
Mt 24:45,46.

A)  Psalms 2:1-2  Supra-National elite plan to
rule the world.
B)  Government rules society through law
C)  Term "New World Order" used publicly
since Iraq war
D)  Long held promise of New World Order

1)  Origin was the Tower of Babel - Plains            of Shinar Genesis 11:1-4.
    "Now the whole earth used the same                   language and the same words. And it came
  about as they journeyed east, that they               found a plain in the land of Shinar and
  settled there. And they said to one
  another, 'Come, let us make bricks and
  burn them thoroughly.' And they used
  brick for stone, and they used tar for
  mortar. And they said, 'Come, let us build
  for ourselves a city. and a tower whose
  top will reach into heaven, and let us make
  for ourselves a name; lest we be            

  scattered  abroad over the face of
  the whole earth.' "

2)   Public announcement concerning the
   NWO centered around events on
   the plains of Shinar in Iraq

3)   NWO outlined in the Illuminati Protocols
   and their off-shoots
   a)  Illuminati Protocols
   b)  Rothchild Manifesto
   c)  Communist Manifesto
   d)  Humanist Manifesto
   e)  New Age Plan
    f)   New World Order

4)  Rothchild Manifesto best overall
   description of plans and methods,
   see page 2.
   a)  Plan to overthrow present World                       Order  
  b)  Raise up New World Order

Y #2 Methods Used to Overthrow
A) Destroy Governments
1)  Rothschild Manifesto #'s 4 & 16
    #4  Governments are to be destroyed
     by either EXTERNAL (WAR) or INTERNAL
     #16 Candidates for public office will be
     selected and groomed, servile and
B)  Use Media
 1)  Rothchild Manifesto #17

Y 9

David Rockefeller's quote at the 1991 Bilderberger meeting:
"We are grateful to The Washinton Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great
publications whose directors have attended our meeting and respected their promises of discretion for
almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develope our plan for the world if we had
been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more
sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an
intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in
past centuries."

C)  Manipulation of money and investments
1)  Rothchild Manifesto #"s 5,10,12,18
  #5  We must control over all government
  #10 The power of money must remain                 hidden and secret until we are in such a              
position of power that no one can stop
  our plans.
   #12 We have the RIGHT TO SEIZE ANY
    AND ALL PROPERTY by whatever means             if it brings the people under control..
   #18 Financial PANICS and controlled
    DEPRESSIONS will bring about a
    New World Order.
2)  Business cycles controlled by monetary               policy.
3)  Inflationary collapse, Amos 8:4-10

1)  Rothchild Manifest #11
  #11 We must use alcohol, drugs, sex,
   pornography, all vice, and all moral
   corruption to destroy the YOUTH OF
E)  Wars and Conflicts
1)  Rothchild Manifesto #15
  CONTROL BOTH SIDES, placing all
2)  Wars and rumors of wars, Mt 24:6-7.
3)  Middle East Land, Gen 15:18-21.
4)  Middle East Wars
    a)  PLO     Ps 83
    b) Iraq War  Jer 50
    c) War w/Syria  Is 17:1; Jer 49:23-27
    d) War w/Jordan  Jer 49:2; Ezek 25
    e) Russian Invasion  Ezekiel
5)  New World Order Seeks to
  Destroy Israel [now Jews are persecuted]

F)  Well Conceived Plot - Ps 64:5-6a
"They hold fast to themselves an evil                   purpose;
They talk of laying snares secretly;
They say, 'Who can see them?'
They devise injustice, saying;
'We are ready with a well-coneived plot.' "

A)   Revelation 13:1; Revelation 17:1-3,7
1)  Beast with seven heads and ten horns
B)   Ten Horms - Danield 7:23-24
Thus he said, "The fourth beast will be a forth
kingdom on the earth, which will be different          from all the other kingdoms, and it will devour        
the whole earth tread it down and crush it.
As for the ten horns [kings] out of this                kingdom [final] ten kings will arise; and                 
another will arise AFTER them, and he will be
different from the previous ones and will              subdue three kings."

Y 10

1)  Regionalization of the World System - Club           of Rome.
     a)  Calls for ten social/economic regions
         called "Kingdoms."
2)  Constitution for Federation of Earth (C.F.E.)
     a)  Calls for ten "Magna-Regions."
     To obtain a copy of this Constitution,
     call or write:                    
World Contitution and Parliament Association
1480 Hoyt Street. Suite 31
Lakewood, Co 80215
Phone: 303-233-3548
3)  All countries will have different boundaries            - including the United States.
     a)  New North America, See Denver                       Post.
4)  Leader of U.N. - Spirit of Antichrist?
     a)  Wall Street Journal Article.

C)   Seven Heads (two possibilities)
1)  Article 3 of C.F.E. - The organs of the              World Government shall be:
     a) The World Parliament
     b) The World Executive
     c) The World Administration
     d) The Integrative Complex
     e) The World Judiciary
      f)  The Enforcement System
     g) The World Ombudsmus

2)  G-7 - Seven Richest Countries:
     a) United States
     b) Germany
     c) Italy
     d) Japan
     e) England
      f) France
     g) Canada

D)   Global Financial and Monetary System
1)  Article 4, Paragraph 17 - Establish and                  operate world financial, banking, credit and
   insurance institutions designed to
   serve human needs; establish, issue and
   regulate world currency, credit and
a)  Bargraph on new currency.

E)  Global Transportation and Communications             Systems
1)   Article 4, Paragraph 17 - Establish,                     operate and/or coordinate global
   airlines, ocean transport systems,
   and means for interplanetary travel and                communications; control and administer                
vital waterways.

F)  Everything controlled by the World Goverment
1)   Article 4, Paragraph 14 - Regulate and
   supervise supra-national trade, industry,
   corporation, busnesses, cartels, pro-
   fessional services, labor supply, finances,
   investments and insurance.

G)  One World Language [English right now]
1)  Article 4, Paragrah 37 - Designate as may
   be found desirable an official world
   language or official world languages.

H)  One World Capital
1)  Article 9, Section C, Paragraph 1- The                primary seat of the World Supreme Court
   and of all benches shall be the same as far
   as the location of the Primary World                  Capital and for the location of the World
   Parliament and the World Executive.

I)   Enforce Laws through economic controls
1)  Article 10, Section D, Paragraph 2 -
  Non-military means of enforcement which
  can be developed may include: Denial of
  financial credit; denial of material resources           and personnel; revocation of licences,                
charters, or corporate rights; impounding

Y 11

   of equipment; fines and damage payments;
   performance of work to rectify damages;
   imprisonment or isolation; and other means
   appropriate to the specific situations.

2)  United Nations Genocide Treaty

A)  Three Chracteristics of Ancient                       Babylon, the New World Order and the
Woman and the Beast that carries her.
Rev 17:7.
1)  Debt based economy
 2)  Large dominant central government that
     controls every aspect of life
 3)  Panthestic religion that worships                       "mother earth" and controls financial and              
government leaders

B)  Fourth Kingdom (The Beast) - Kingdom of Satan
1)  New Age battle cry: "If you build it, I will               come"     
2)  God says, "Come Out" Rev 18:4.
 3)  The Church must have a place to go
     God has always said, "It is not by might
     nor by power (this World's power), but
     by My Spirit." As did Israel in Egypt live
     by the Hand of God, so we will have to
     live by our own inherit power which is                 Gods!

Y #5 New Prophetic Directive
A)  God has broken our man made religious molds
B)  Get back to God's original purposes
 1) Ephesians 1:3-6
       a)  Created people called Son's of                       God that would be Holy and                         
Blameless before Him in Christ.
 2) Hebrews 12:2
       a)  Joy set before Jesus was the               Chruch.
C)  Adam had the presence, power, and
glory of God
 1) Lost it when he sinned
D)  Generations "TOLDAH"
  1) Lost something (VAV)
        a) Lost Presence, Power and Glory

Y #6 The Law & The Prophets
    John 1:45; Acts 28:23
A)  The Prophets
 1) Servants and messengers of the
    Covenant of Atonement
  2) Call people back to God, Is 44:22,23
  3) Brought unity among believers
  4) Brought the law
B)  The Law - Torah - "Instruction of God" Ex 20
  1) You shall have no other gods before Me
  2) You shall not make for yourself an idol
  3) You shall not take the name of the Lord
      in vain
  4) Remember the Sabbath day to keep it
   5) Honor your father and mother
   6) You shall not murder
   7) You shall not commit adultery
   8) You shall not steal
   9) You shall not bear false witness against
       your neighbor
  10) You shall not covet anything that                        belongs to your neighbor
C)  The greatest Commandment Mk 12:29,30;
Mt 22:37
    1) Love God & Neighbor as yourself -
       on these hang the Law & Prophets
    2) Compare Ten Commandments with
        Mt 5-7 the teachings of Christ as the
        Principles of the Kingdom of Heaven
        and of God
     3) Those who hear and keep "these"                     words of Mine, says Jesus, "Will be

Y 12

   like a man who built his house on a rock,
   the rains and floods came ... but that
  house did not fall!"
5)  Law and Prophets until John, Lk 16:16
   "The Law and the Prophets were                       proclaimed until John; since then the
    Gospel of the Kingdom of God is                     preached, and everyone is pressing his              way
into it."

Y #7 The Kingdom of God
A)  War between Two Kingdoms
B)  Jesus came to make the Law & the                 Prophets work
1) Called it the Kingdom of God/Heaven
C)  Centered around "the Promise"
 1) Hebrew 11:39
      a) Old Covenant saints died without
         receiving the Promise
 2) Acts 2:38-39
       a) "Receive the promise of the Holy                     Spirit"
 3) Galations 3:14
        " . . . in Christ Jesus the blessing of                 Abraham might come to the Gentiles,                  so
that we might receive the promise                  of the Spirit through faith."
 4) Ephesians 1:13b-14
       ", , , you were sealed in Him with the                 Holy Spirit of promise, who is given as                a
pledge of our inheritance, with a                     view to the redemption of God's own                possession,
to the praise of His                       glory."
 5) Provision vs, Appropriation -
     Sutible for a particular person,                         condition, occasion, or place . . .
     To set apart for a specific use . . .
D)  Kingdom of God is not of this world
(kosmos), not aion (age). It is of this
aion (age) and the age to come, but not of       this world (kosmos). John 18:36
1)  Kingdom of God is in you, Lk17:20.
  "Now when He was asked by the Pharisees           when the Kingdom of God would come, He            
answered tham and said, 'The Kingdom of              God does not come with observation;                Nor
will they say, 'See here!' or 'See                 there!' For indeed, the Kingdom of God              is within
you." [Was not in the Pharisees,            in this case, Jesus was amomg them,                but the Christ
was in Jesus! Can you  
   receive the revelation of that? Jesus is            not in the believer ... but the Christ is!            We are
His, Jesus', "CHRIST," His                   ANOINTED.
  He rules in His Kingdom, in you and I;
  He rules the Angels, because they are in
   the Kingdom of God also. "They excell             in strengh obeying His commands. This
   Kingdom's substance is Spirit ...                    invisible, and it was and is the Spiritual,
   the invisible, which created and create
   createss the visible or material things              , , , and brings them into sight! The                 
PROMISE is within you, that is, the Holy            Spirit. All things are possible to                    him/her
that believes]. Therefore,                    everything  is centered around the                    "Promise."
2) Righteousness, peace and joy in the
  Holy Spirit, Ro 14:17.
E)  First be filled and stay filled with the
Holy Spirit
1) John was filled with the Spirit while yet
   in his mother's womb. Lk 1:15.
2) Jesus was conceived of and baptised
   with the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom came
   with Jesus.
      a) "But if I cast out demons by the
         Holy Spirit, then, know that the                         Kingdom of God has come unto
         you." [Note: the Spirit is invisible,
         Jesus did not use any man-made,

Y 13                

         material substance. However, by
         the Invisible Spirit, He touched the
         visible, the person, and the invisible,
         the demon who was invisible, but, He                  had all power over ... Satan's                           
kingdom of darkness, which, his also                    effects the visible]. "Greater is He                    that is
in you .. .than He who is in the                  world (kosmos)."
         "Yet he who is the least in the                          Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he                  
(John the Baptist). Mt 12:28 11:11.

Y #8 Restoration of All Things             Eventually
   If we can receive & repent
    "Repent therefore and return, that your              sins may be wiped away, in order that                 
times of refreshing may come from the                 Presence of the LORD; and that He                  may
SEND Jesus, the Christ appointed                unto you, whom Heaven must receive                   until the
period of RESTORATION OF                ALL THINGS about which God spoke by               the mouth
of His holy prophets from                   ancient times." "The first shall be last                  and the last shall
be first." Acts 3:19-21 A) Presence of God restored,
Jn 20:22.
B) Power of God restored
Acts 1 & 2
C) God is restoring His Glory!       
1) What is the Glory of God? Ex 33:13-22:                34:29 seq.; Mt 17;2; 2 Co 3:7-&4:6. This
worship is compared to lawful wedlock!
"Moses did not know that the skin of his
FACE was radiant." "There in their                      presence He was transfigured: His FACE               
shone like the sun and His clothes                     became dazzling white." Moses prayed,                
"Please show me your GLORY." O                       Saints, Sons of God, we need                         
desperately to SEE His Glory and it                   manifested ... "so that your faith, our faith,
   should rest in the Power of God and not
   not in the wisdom of men."
2) Jesus was the Manifestation of God's Glory
"In the beginning was the Word, and the               Word was with God, and the Word was                God
... And the Word became flesh, and
 lived among [not in] us, and we behelf His
 GLORY. glory as of the only begotten from
 the Father, full of grace and TRUTH. Jn 1:1,14.
Jesus desires to give 'This Glory" to the
Church, that is, His Body. Jn 17:17-25.
It will bring unity.
3) Unity is powerful (good & bad) Gen 11:5.6.
 "And the Lord came down to see the city
 and the tower which the sons of men had
 built. And the Lord said, 'Behold. they are
 one people, and they all have the same
 language. And this is what they began to do,
 and now nothing which they purpose to
do will be impossible for them."
4) Babylon is coming together again
    a) C.F.E calls for one language
5) Church & National Israel needs to
  come together
     a) Day of Pentecost - Church got
        one language ... Holy Spirit's ability!
E)  Restoring the Son's of God
1) Characteristics of the son's of God
       a) Jn 1:12, Must receive Jesus
       b) Ro 8:14. Must be led continually
           by the Spirit of God
        c) Mt 5-7 keep the Kingdom's                              principles
        d) Things which we suffer perfects us
            "Jesus was perfected and                               'learned obedience through the                        
things which He suffered"
            Heb 11-12. We must say, "I love
            You LORD, while our gold's


Y 14    

         refining in the fire!"
   2) Lord's prayer: Kingdom, Power and                   Glory Mt 6:13.
   3) Mystery of the Kingdom & the Church
      Col 1:26,27
       ". . . Christ IN you, the hope of                        GLORY"
   4) Hebrews 2:10
      "For it was fitting for Him, for whom are
      all things, and through whom are all                      things, in bringing many sons to GLORY.               
to perfect the Author of their salvation                through sufferings." [Note: not through                 
'praise' meetings & blessings]! How will               He bring us into perfection and                         
   5) Colossians 3:4
       "When Christ, who is our life, is                         revealed, then you also will be re-
       vealed with Him in Glory. "
   6)  Mystery: 1 Co 15:50-53
           a) We shall be changed.
              Mortality will put on immortality.
           b) Is this the First Resurrection?
           c) What is the 'revealing'?
   7)  Jesus is coming for a glorious Church                  or Body - Eph 5:26-27
       "...that He might sanctify her, having                  cleansed her by the washing of water
       with the Word, that He might present
        to Himself the Church in all her                       GLORY, having no spot or wrinkle
       or any such thing; but that she                       should be holy and blameless." This                  means
literally holy and blameless! Not                 theory!

Y #9 "Come Out of Her (Babylon) My             People" Revelation 18:4
A) Move into God's Kingdom
B) What is the process - 2 Co 3:18
"But we all with UNVEILED FACE
beholding as in a mirror the glory
of the Lord, are being (as you behold
the glory) transformed (transfiured) into
the same image from glory to glory,
(having no spot nor wrnkle or any
such thing, into the same glory) just
as  from the Lord, the Spirit (of Glory)."
C) Result of this process
1) "We shall be like Him, for we shall see Him
as He is."
2) Mature and Equipped for ministry
3) Full knowledge of Christ
4) Build up the One Body of Christ
(both Israel & Gentile in One New Man)!
"So then you (Gentiles) are no longer                strangers and aliens, but you are fellow
citizens with the saints (Israel), and are of
God's household, having been built upon
the foundations of the apostles and                prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the
Corner Stone."
5) Prophets Matthew 17:11; Luke 1:17
    a) Restore all things
F)  Mandate Falls to The New Testament Saints
Acts 3:19-21, 24, 25.
1) It is you who are the Son's of the           Prophets and of the Covenant

Y #10 What of Israel?
(I'm glad you asked!)
A)  New Covenant for Israel & Judah -
Jer 31:31 seq.; Ezk 36:25-28.
1) Under the influence of the Holy Spirit,
 their unholy spirit will be rebirthed a
 holy spirit with the Spirit Himself abiding
2) This New and Eternal covenant, was

Y 15

inauguarated by the sacrifice of Christ,
Mt 26:28, and the apostles (& we who
follow the apostle's doctrine) will proclaim
it's fulfillment . . . until the end of the                  age. Ro 11:27; 2 CO 3:6; Heb 8:6-13; 9:15             seq.;
5:20. On July 21, 2002 at 9:15 AM, I
asked the Lord, "To the end of what age?"
This was in response of my reading "Signs of         the Times and the End of the Age and His
Coming." As I gazed at the scripture ... I
heard Him reply, "when the Times of the               Gentiles are fulfilled ... it will be the End of           the
Age." In other words, the last Gentile
rule of the seven-headed Beast with
the ten horns.
3) Many say "the Church grafted in ... instead,
   it is not the church, but the Gentiles
  who are grafted into the Olive Tree, being
  'wild olive branches, Ro 11:17. National                 Israel's remnant will be provoked,
  Ro 11:11-15; they will and are being grafted
  back into their own Olive Tree, Jesus                 Christ, who is the fulfillment of the
  Abrahamic Covenant.
B)  God has not cast off Israel - Jer 31:36-40
1) Jerusalem will not be overthrown anymore
C)  Shin v means El Shaddai (shaped over
Jerusalem). God put His name in Jerusalem,
1 Kings 11:36. In more than one way.
D)  The Aaronic blessing (even Star Trek's Mr             Spock stole) the 'Shin v' for lifting the hands
for this blessing, Num 6:24-26.
"The Lord bless you, and keep you;
The Lord make His FACE shine on you,
  and be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His COUNTENANCE on you,
  and give you peace."

We are in this Time and Season!

Y SheepShed

Many questions have been raised in my mind
regarding the G-Seven and the Ten-Kingdoms.
The Antichrist beast is one of the seven that has already been and will come up out of the bottomless
pit or the Abyss. According to Revelation 13 ... he is a man and has his own Kingdom. Could that be
Italy, Rome? Well, we will study more in our next Lesson. Of course the way things are changing in this
world right now ... who knows which of the big Seven will fall from their position and be replaced? One
thing for sure, he once was and will come up out of the bottomless pit and all the world will be amazed ...
but then we, who follow the Lamb, will not be!
Revelation 17:14.

Y SheepShed

1) The New World Order & the New Economic Order
& Exposing Mystery Commercial Babylon is by
Larry Bates, a Banker, former member of the Tennessee
House of Representatives & chairman of its powerful
commmittee on banking and commerce, is a former CEO,
and is a nationally recognized expert on political systems,
the Federal Reserve, and how they affect the economy
and your investments. A born-again Christian.
Insiders information  into World Government's Strategies!
2) The New Political Order is with Norman N. Franz.
Course #4.

3) The New Religious Order is with Kevin van der Westhuizen
Course #5.

More Details in Next Lesson.

Y 16


August 2002

Y "New Driver's License"
I am sitting here at my computer, contemplating just how far I should go in expressing my feelings or
fear about the near future. I am not the kind of minister who relishes the thought of being unkind ... or
of expressing negative feelings. I am as patriotic as any American, but our government has  announced
a so-called "new" driver's license for every citizen ... even for those who don't drive!
I am not surprised. I expected it to happen. It is nothing less than a national ID card like the one Bill
Clinton held up during one of his speeches and tried to pawn off on the American public. Clinton's card
was overwhelmingly rejected then, but our dearly beloved Republican president, who launched a war on
terrorism last September, is going to get away with it. Whatever the reason touted, don't be deceived.
It smacks of the "Mark of the beast" in spite of the heroic rhetoric! In my opinion, it is more
dangerous than anything Americans have ever had to face.

I agree that it will help rout out illegal aliens in our country, but we already have social security cards,
green cards, birth certificates, and a rap-sheet on every one of us in government computers. Why
more? Watch for the time when you will have to use it in order to "buy  or sell." For years driver's
licenses have been used for identification purposes. But a 'national' ID card offers ominous overtones
for controlling the public. Futhermore, the new Homeland Security Agency is contemplating a program
called TIPS ... recruiting people to spy on their neighbors. If there is no immediate outcry against it, we
will all become enslaved to the system. By the way, Tony Blair has

also proposed a similar ID card for Great Britain.
I fear it will become world-wide ... and will usher in the "mark of the beast."

Y Concerned? If not, you should be.  I would like to think that the "mark" would be relegated to the
middle of the Tribulation Period ... or start in some other country. I have been looking for the rapture to
take us out of here before the dredful system arrives. [But not me, saints]! I am well aware that the
"mark" will make its appearance under the Antichrist and a One World government. But what we are
facing in the immediate future can be nothing less than the precursor to that very system so feared in
the book of Revlations.
The United Nations has already set in motion the mechanism that will bring about 'world government.'
And the new International Criminal Court is about to launch its plan for a future world president!

Y If ever there was a time when God's people need to be learning more about Bible prophecy and
God's Word, now is the time!  It may not be long before ministers will not be allowed to write and mail
letters like this. Some day, perhaps soon, religious freedom may be curtailed for the good of the war
against terrorists. Under some new future set of guidelines, what I have written could be considered
unpatriotic. So you need to be grounded in God's Word against the possiblity of a future time of
persecution. [I must ask, what happen to the rapture ... I thought the teaching is ... that the christians
will be gone? We need help in understanding these passages]! If the Tribulation Period is near,
Christians in America may begin to feel it even before it fully arrives. In Moslem countries, especially
Sudan, Christians are brutally persecuted. All over the world, even in England, France and Germany,
Jews are currently being targeted. Even college campuses in California are

Y 17

fast becoming hotbeds of hatred against Jews.

Y Read the Bible! Study it fervently! It has the only message that is supremely important for our
generation. No matter how young or old you are, you cannot learn too much about God's Word. It is
time to expand your knowledge from the 'milk' of the Word to the meat of the Word!
by J.R. Church, Prophecy In The News

Y It was a Jesuit priest, Francisco Ribera (1537-1591), who first introduced the teaching that a Jewish
temple would be rebuilt by a single individual antichrist who would abolish the Christian religion, deny
Christ, pretend to be God, and conquer the world ...It was the Catholic Jesuits who started the teaching
that the Antichrist was some future individualist that would come at the end of time! The Encyclopedia
Britannica says: "Under the stress of the Protestant attack there arose new methods on the papal
side" and special mention is made of the Jesuit Ribera, the founder of the futurist school of
interpretation. His 500 page Commentary, built upon and enlarged, became finally the common
Catholic position. Until in the nnineteenth century this interpretation came to be adopted by a growing
number of Protestants, until today, amplified with the 'rapture theory,' has become generally accepted.
The Antichrist, his building the future temple, being future, was taght by Ribera, not the 'Rapture' of
the saints.
1) Froom, vol 2, p. 243; Vol. 23, p.213 (11th Edition).

It is also stated that a Jesuit priest was the founder of Communism ... now called "socialism."
It does fit in with the Manifesto. Equality for everyone ... equally poor.

Y The Final Hour: John, the last of the Apostolic Age, that is, of the twelve, states:
"Children this is the final hour, you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, and now many antichrists
have already come; from this we know that it is the final hour." John wrote this letter after 70 A.D.
Jerusalem and the temple had been overthrown and the Jews were being scattered into the nations.
The rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem was not one of the "signs" given by Jesus  of His Second
Coming ... but antichrist was
... as John states here and in the book of Revelation. He writes to be on guard of Antichrists and in the
same thought of warning just before he makes that statement ... gives this
"Do not love the world or what is in the
world. If anyone does love the world,
the love of the Father finds no place in
him, because everything there is in the world,
the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes,
and the pride of life, is NOT of the Father
but is of the world [kosmos not age].
And the world is passing away, and the
lust of it; but he who does the will of
God remains forever."
These are motives that dominate the "world,"
senuality. the lure of appearances, pride which comes from earthly possessions. The true realities
are totally different. Speaks of the transient world we are not to love as most of us Christians do today
... as it was in the days of Noah!
1) John 2:15-18; 2 Co 4:18; Heb 11:1, 3, 27.

Y A few years back a doctor died and was taken to Heaven. He was sent back to tell us to study the
Gospel of John, John's letters and John's Apocalypse ... Jesus did not call the book Revelation ... but
The Apocalypse. He was interveiwed on the 700 Club. I recorded that sesson and I think we should
obey that special Word from Christ Himself to His people.


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